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This is 40!

Updated: May 23, 2023

40th Birthday:

40 Insights and things I’ve Learned Along the Way ( and let's be honest, still learning)

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1. Do what brings you joy and what are you called to do without caring what other people will think or say. Who cares? There will always be judgement and criticism, but keep doing YOU!

2. Failure is not failure. It’s a learning curve. A chance to change, pivot, re-do what’s not working. We aren’t going to nail everything, every single time. It’s okay. Keep trying!

3. Speak up. Say what you need, feel, and want. Share your dreams and fears.

4. Do your best to not compare your life to others. We are all on our own journeys. And besides we see only snippets and not the whole show that goes on behind closed doors.

5. Love people unconditionally for who they are and not what they can do for you. Just for the flawed humans we all are.

6. Make exercise a priority. It does wonders for the body, both physically and mentally. Push through the “I don’t feel like it’s” and get it in. And get enough sleep! That’s the time for your body to heal and recharge!

7. Have lots of grace for people. None of us are perfect, so be kind and forgiving, like you would want others to do for you.

8. Travel and see and do as much as you can, before you can’t.

9. Make memories and take photos to remember it all! The clothes, the scenery, the people in our lives, it’s fun to reminisce.

10. Let yourself feel heavy things and uncomfortable things and cry if you need to. It’s important to process the tough stuff and not deny it and push it down.

11. Being vulnerable is strong. Taking off the masks we wear and really sharing is brave.

12. Laugh as much as possible. It can truly be the best medicine in life.

13. Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself! Because no one else truly will or know you like you know you.

14. Don’t feel guilty for setting boundaries. People don’t always know and will naturally take as much as they can. But your peace and being comfortable matter.

15. Don’t wait to go to the doctor. Be proactive and advocate for yourself. Do the research before, so you know what to ask and talk about at the visit.

16. Are we going to look back at microblading our eyebrows and wonder what we were thinking?!

17. The word “toxic” has really gotten overused for everything. (And if we are truly honest, we all have some toxic traits that pop out every now and then, so…..)

18. Seashells and palmtrees are nature’s eye candy.

19. Floss. Cavities happen between the teeth.

20. Learn new hobbies. It keeps you young and vibrant.

single and thriving, happy in oneself, dance

21. Star Wars is overrated. Still don’t get it. Or Star Trek. Sorry Trekkies out there.

22. Board games are underrated. Game night? Yes!

23. Golf is harder than I thought, but the courses are beautiful.

24. Sometimes you just have to choose joy, peace, love, patience…because most of the time we won’t necessarily feel it. And if we only did things when we felt like it, well, then nothing would ever be done.

25. Slow down and really take all your blessings in. And remember some of the things you have now are the things you once dreamed of and prayed for!

26. Go to concerts. They are so fun and make you feel alive seeing live music with such a large crowd.

27. Life can be overwhelming and scary, but try not to let fear hold you back! Take that leap of faith and move to a new city, start a new business, say yes to something you normally wouldn’t. Don’t let negative self-talk hold you back!

28. If you want friends, be a friend. Be there, reach out, remember important details. We all get busy, but quick texts letting others know you are thinking of them, can mean the world.

29. Rejection hurts and life is full of it! Getting good at accepting it and not letting it eat your soul, is key! It’s okay, that just wasn’t meant for you or doesn’t have a place in your life anymore. Time for new and different.

30. Trader Joes. Game changer. Get yourself a fresh bouquet while you are there as well. You’re welcome.

31. Home Goods. Also a game changer for a quick, cheaper facelift for your palace of peace.

32. Volunteer. It broadens your normal routine and it’s good to help people.

33. Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Save your energy for the big stuff.

34. Read more. It’s so fun to get lost in a book. Great escape, relaxing, and bonus points it broadens your vocabulary.

35. Not all conflict is bad! Its how we react to it. Have those tough conversations, because it can bring you closer and clear low grade tension brewing. Hear each other out and you will get to a greater place of intimacy with others, instead of just surface.

36. Don’t assume. Ask! This has gotten me into some trouble over the years.

37. Not everyone has the same values and heart as you do. Accept that. I thought there was a generalness about this, just by being a human, but that is not true.

38. If you don’t see it in the world, be it. Do it. Start it.

39. It’s okay to be misunderstood. Jesus was misunderstood. I don’t have to explain who I am and what I am about and have every person get it. Oh well.

40. Life isn’t just about the hustle

matching family pajamas, Halloween,

and paying bills. Let yourself be happy and have fun!

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