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Updated: May 23, 2023

Swiping. Scrolling. A few random texts back and forth. Judgement on pictures. Small talk. Awkward encounters. Does anyone else not enjoy online dating as much as me?! I just can’t get excited about it and feel in my bones that God has other plans on how I will meet my husband. Whenever I have prayed about where God is leading me and where I will meet my future man, I always feel like He puts the word or thought of ‘serving’ on my heart. Okay God, but what kind of serving? Serving at my church, a soup kitchen, at a bible study, or by writing about my faith and struggles with singleness? I just don’t know. Only God knows the future. I just have to keep doing me and following Jesus and pray the future MR. is coming along for the ride too. That we are journeying down the same path to meet at the intersection and choose to go one way together.

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I do feel the pressure in today’s culture to “play the game” and get online to get a date. So, I redownload the app and scroll. Get excited for 2.5 mins. then go back to feeling like it’s not for me and get off. Get bored and tired of waiting and restart the process. Anyone else do this? It’s extremely tough, especially with Covid-19 and the social distancing and masks, that guys are just not approaching and asking out girls anymore. It’s easier to be rejected on an app versus in person. And I totally get that. If I were a guy, I’d be terrified and do the same thing. So how do we overcome this?? (For those that found your significant other right before Covid-19, you should thank your lucky stars you didn’t have to spend this pandemic alone.) How can we normalize being asked out in person again and go on proper dates? Besides church and through friends, where do you meet Christian men? How can we get past social distancing to being social again and meeting new people and available men? The jury is still out on this.

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